From Sowing to Harvesting: How is Cultivation Successful?

Edamame can be compared with garden beans both in terms of the demands of the location as well as the cultivation methods.

Despite some similarities with dry soya beans, edamame soya varieties have their own requirements. From the considerably thinner sowing of the much larger, more sensitive seeds to the harvesting of the fresh pods in mid-summer, cultivation is not witchcraft, but as with any plant, one should know the basics.

The standard yield per hectare is five to eight tons of pods, almost half of which is kernels without pods. Under perfect conditions, we were able to harvest twelve tons from one hectare on our great soils and climate here in the upper rhine valley.

In the manual, I go into detail when and where it is necessary for edamame, and I defer to if their (very good!) guide for dry soybean production covers a topic sufficiently.

Every year and every farm is different. Our manual is intended to give an overview and introduction to the culture of edamame, but in the end everyone will have their own unique experiences. We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

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