Risotto, Salad or Cream Soup?

Both in taste and appearance, edamame is an extremely multifaceted yet uncomplicated ingredient. Since our first cultivation, we have tried everything that’s possible and have been surprised to see how many classic dishes can be made anew with the beans.

You don’t have to try pizza with edamame, but you shouldn’t miss the chance to make a creamy soup modeled on classic pea soup. Pair it with Viennese sausage, mustard and bread – delicious.

Salads with edamame are also currently very popular. For ready-made salads, thawed edamame from China are usually used – the local equivalent will hopefully be available soon.

We once gave a passionate risotto chef a bundle of fresh edamame from the field. The response was immediate: "The size of the beans makes the color stand out completely differently than with peas! The feeling in the mouth is remarkable."