Cooking Edamame Properly

In addition to the very simple, classic preparation of the whole pods as a snack, the cored beans can also be used in a diverse array of recipes. A very interesting variation is to make dips or creams. From risotto to casseroles, the beans are a treasure both in terms of color and taste.

Fresh pods should be cooked for six to twelve minutes, depending on the variety and desired taste. To use the beans alone, the cooked pods can simply be cored by hand. Frozen pods are already blanched, so the cooking time will vary; you should cook frozen edamame according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Surplus harvests can be easily frozen. Simply bag the edamame directly after the harvest and put them in the freezer. For consumption, do not defrost the edamame, but rather pour them directly into a pot of boiling water. This method better retains their texture.