Guacamole From Your Own Garden

Due to its high nutritional value, edamame is a wonderful base for various dips and creams. The following recipes are just a few suggestions. Have fun trying them!

Edamame-Miso Dip

  • Boil 700 g of fresh edamame and remove the beans from the pods. Cool 250 g of the beans, eat the rest.
  • Chop 1 large shallot and 1 clove of garlic and fry them in some oil.
  • Finely mash 200 g of edamame, the shallots and the garlic together with 15 g coriander (fresh, coarsely chopped), two pinches of cayenne pepper, 15 g sweet white miso paste, 75 ml olive oil, a splash of water and salt to taste.
  • Add remaining 50 g of edamame towards the end and mash briefly for texture.

Cool in refrigerator and serve cold.

Edamame-Coriander Cream

This recipe shares many ingredients with hummus, yet it tastes quite different thanks to the fresh edamame.

We have tested the recipe and noted the exact amounts, but everything is of course always dependent upon the quality of the ingredients and should be adjusted accordingly.

  • Boil 700 g of fresh edamame and remove the beans from the pods. You can enjoy eating some beans in this process and at the end there should be about 300 g left.
  • Mash 210 g of the edamame beans with 4 g of garlic, 11 g of salt, 30 g of lemon juice, 60g of olive oil, 95 g of water and 0.5 g of cayenne pepper into a fine cream.
  • Coarsely mash the remaining 90 g of edamame beans and fold into the cream with 1 small chopped onion and 4 g of freshly chopped coriander.

This dip looks and tastes very fresh. It will keep in the refrigerator for several days. We like to use it as a snack. For an added kick, you can add mustard or horseradish. And as with guacamole, tomatoes are always a welcomed addition. We love this recipe but still need to take some photos...

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